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Taobaobuying (TBB) Service Fee



Our service fee is 10% of the item price including shipping to TBB.

The minimum service fee is 50 CNY (Chinese Yuan), even if the item's you purchase are less than 500 CNY.

For example:

If your item's cost 500 CNY and the shipping to TBB is 20 CNY for a total of 520 CNY
10% of the total is 52 CNY.

If your item's cost 100 CNY and the shipping to TBB is 20 CNY for a total of 20 CNY
10% of the total is 12 CNY but TBB will charge 50 CNY ( this is the minimum service fee)

For cost effective purchasing it is suggested that your items total value is greater than 500 CNY, purchasing multiple items in 1 order is also be more cost effective as you will save more by combining shipping.


Please pay attention here!

1) Virtual goods: we do not accept these kind of purchases, which includes itunes gift cards, game tokens, etc.

2) Item Checks: we inspect the size, quantity, color, and pattern of the products according to your desired when we get them. But we are not responsible for quality, because we only provide a service and do not sell any items.

3) Electronic products: we only can verify it`s good of appearance and whether it can work well if you allow us to open the packing.For more trivial functions, we can't help it.Hope you also can understand.